Thursday, April 17, 2008

Over Population or Under Population?

Woman's Hands Holding World Globe by Angelo Cavalli
Woman's Hands Holding World Globe

This subject seems to be coming up alot on my mind latley. What is the truth? Can we find the REAL truth about where our mother earth is headed?
My Answer: I am not sure as every site I get to links to different scenarios from we are so populated here in the US that it is said we should limit child bearing only to one or two children, to we are making our way for an already underpopulated country. So what is the truth I ask?
My views on this is that I don't think the problem lies with bearing too many children. I feel the problem is what we are making of it. If we would gear ourselves more towards home life, more towards are family and not worry about the Jones's so much maybe we would consume less, drive less, waste less. Right as we speak everything has to be bigger, better, and newer.
A family with many children can clearly waste less, or learn to waste less then say, a single couple or a family with only one or two children. There are so many factors in why we have global warming and maybe that should be a very high priority in this next president's agenda. I say to officials if you want to talk the talk then step up to the plate and walk the walk.
I bet these officials that make their claims putting down larger families for our diminishing world are driving around in gas guzzling vehicles just like many other people. I also bet they use all the everyday conveniences like a lot of us that attributes to global warming as well, just like many of us.
There should be more companies providing communities with Eco-friendly adjustments into their daily lives while providing services with incentives. Showing people let's finally make a change, and stop blaming people for bearing children, but maybe blame people for what they are causing with their choices.
Where is this subject headed? What are your views?
Very curious Renee!


Stephanie said...

Hi Renee. I saw your comment on Crystal's blog, (Biblical Womanhood) and just felt led to give you some encouragement. I'm a single, 23-year-old girl, but look forward to someday being a stay at home wife and mom, Lord willing. I'm not buying into our culture's lie that to be fulfilled, every woman must be seeking higher education, big degrees, and a thriving career. I'm second oldest of seven, and my Mom stayed at home to homeschool us, run a home, train us biblically, and just BE there for us. I am immensely greatful for this, and I'm sure your kids will be someday too! You are making a big difference in the kingdom of God by sacrificing (sacrificing LESSER things) to be at home with your family. Keep on! May God bless you and your family in big ways!

- a sister in Christ

BarbaraLee said...

Hi! Seen you at the BW too. Just had to say something. I am in the same boat as you. DH is self employed too. Not that anyone told me to get a job but I also helped my dh.
Here is a few things to point out. You had children not the daycare centers. Why would you have kids for someone else to raise? If these women would stay home and take care of their own children men wouldn't be struggling to earn a good living. Which in return things wouldn't cost so dang much. It is all a domino effect. You just ignore them and let them know that you have a job and then you list all the jobs that you have. As mothers don't we have several careers in one?
Mine are: cook, baker, seamstress, nurse, teacher (we homeschool too), coach, handyman etc.
Stephanie is right.

Abbi said...

From what I have read I do not think overpopulation is a problem. That has been said for a long time and people have started having smaller families (I don't think just for that reason at all, I think there is a lot more to it) and now I understand that in many European countries there is a serious problem with there not being near enought young people. It looks like they won't have enough people to care for the elderly. They are encouraging couples (by giving financial help) to have children.
Concerning the enviroment over all, I think what you said is very true that if we weren't so concerned with what other's thought of us we would live a less wasteful life style. I think it is important that each one of us works at wasting less in a way that works best for us.
It does bother me to see some people preach so hard on not leaving a carbon footprint and then you find out that they have this huge mansion as well as many other wasteful habits.
I came over to your site to thank you for visiting mine and to share a link to another post that I did that explains better how to make the clothespin dolls that I had written about. The link is . I wish I knew how to leave it so you could just click on it.
Have a great day!

Tara said...


Hmm! So thought provoking!

You need to make time for your kids...I have passed up a few good offers to be able to be at home more thing you can't buy is TIME!

I am doing a giveaway for my 100th post, stop in!

CIELO said...

Thanks for vising my house in the roses, Renee.... so nice meeting you. Pl/come back again for our "Homage to Mothers", this Friday.

See you then,


Lori said...

Renee, I just saw your comment on Tara's site and felt compelled to see about you and sweetie I would be proud as can be if I had a daughter like you! When I read about how you are with your home and children I seen alot of me when mine were young. I choose to remain home with mine and none ever saw the inside of a preschool. My youngest graduates from hig school in 9 days and I'm so sad and wonder what will life be like. He also leaves for the Air Force in July! I am always and have been the Mom who planned the school parties and brought the homemade treats, sewd the band uniforms and even had the high school kids all call me there Mom and say they'd miss me when they graduate. I'd never trade it. We had one car, not many vacations, but we had fun summers. Now my oldest is 29 and a mom of two and I see that all those little things that I did and never thought she noticed or that it mattered it did. She's a good mom, and even is loked upon by her friends cause her children matter, isn't that sad, why have them? Take care hon, you made me cry and melted my heart with your sweetness. Come vist at my site and drop me a email if you'd like, Lori