Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Love Binders!

I have really enjoyed the benefits of keeping binders in my homemaking journey. Currently as we speak I have 3 binders.

- Coupons:

I have a take along to take with me that fits in my purse.

- Ideas:

* I clip pictures of decorating ideas, products, and articles and put them in clear sleeves for future reading.

- Home Management:

* Weekly cleaning schedule- Keeps me straight but I have been known to come off of this when sick, or something unexpectedly happens in the day. But I always know where to get back on track.
* House paint list- Keeps track of what paint we used in each room so no guessing.
* Menu lists- Broken into breakfast,lunch, dinner, snacks & sides.
* My husband's packing lists- For our tree service which I hand out also to our employees for reference if they need it. This I made up so when they have a short notice of a few hours before they leave for hurricane, and storm cleanup they can think of one less thing.
* Children's clothing lists- Keeps track of clothing so we don't have too much, or too little.

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