Thursday, January 31, 2008


Today I went after all my cleaning was done and visited the Salvation Army. There were no dressers that were in good shape. But the one and only thing I did buy was a brand new king size Land's End primaloft down alternative comforter.

How much? $30.00 which I wondered was I getting a deal if their comforters would have went on sale online.When the thermostat is down I can now for once be warmer now that I will have 2 down alternative comforters. One just a little more decadent like a cloud.

Birthday Party


(Picture is everyone in our family except me)

Notice: My 5 yr. old daughter wearing pj's as she was not feeling well last night complaining of an ear ache, and also notice Rachel with the traditional spagetti face :)

Ryan's 4th birthday party went very well. Here is the run down. I made homemade meatballs and spagetti, and garlic bread. The bread is what we were waiting on once our family arrived (I almost burned it to a crisp). Ryan opened up his cards, and gifts. We had our Walmart cake which was pretty bad but I kept a smile on my face with every bite. Maybe those homemade peanut butter pies would have been a better idea then this cake. My sister in law asked Ryan to sleepover this Saturday which Ryan keeps reminding me about this morning. When people asked what Ryan wanted or needed I said, "Special time" with him would be great and she fit the bill.

People we are overloaded here with toys. Save the money! Looks like it is time for clean sweep at our home again. This time around I will be a lot more strict what to keep and what to toss depending on the amount of use they use with each toy.

The people at the party were:
- 2 aunts
- 1 uncle
- 1 grammy
- 1 grandpa
- 4 cousins
- 1 mommy
- 1 daddy
- 3 siblings besides Ryan
= 15 total people in this house last night
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Ryan!

Happy Birthday to our Ryan!

Today marks such a special day full of many happy memories of your birth at the hospital four years ago. You have become such an independent boy. You are strong, funny, and have an eye for special things in life. And maybe sometimes you can be rough, a little to rough but we believe that later on in life you will use this to your advantage.

What you love is spending special time with daddy and getting your work boots on. You like anything that is blue: trucks, cars, and even blue dinosaurs. You reminded me a few weeks back that every year you want the same blue racer car birthday cake that you had last year and no other can take it's place."Mommy... remember birthdays are not just about cake,and toys, and parties they are about celebrating birthdays, and spending time together".

Oh! How I love this boy and his cute chubby cheeks! Ryan you are unique and there will never be another Ryan in this world. Even though your in your own bed now you still try to sneak in our bedroom and give hugs to us where you feel safe and loved by us as your parents.

Happy Birthday Sweet boy! I hope we have a wonderful day and party tonight to celebrate.

Birthday dinner for family: Spagetti and meatballs, garlic bread,and dessert
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Welcome :)

I am so excited to start this new blog. Trying to blogpool family, friends, and acquaintances all in one happy spot. This is just an extended outlet for me to blog about what ever comes to mind.

Welcome family and friends!

Renee (Nay)