Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Here... Really!

Don't you worry my friends I am here still alive, breathing the fresh Autumn air. The past two months have been chaotic here in the family household. When I do have time I will post some more and visit so many of the blogs that I have missed these past few weeks.

Family comes first then computer. Life happens with all the twists and turns. Note to myself what really needs to be done this week:

- Send out way over due little girl clothing to a special lady with two little girls.

- Send out money to get health insurance to kick in (hoping very soon) My knee needs to be operated on once again and I can not tolerate this pain much longer.
Our home is getting pest-ified today- mice in the attic and it bothers me the pitter patter of little rodent feet. Our home is also getting carpet upstairs and downstairs so everything is in bunches in the rooms that are not getting carpeted.

It's a tornado like moving week yet everything does not go into another home it goes right back in each room. Taking everything downstairs from the three rooms upstairs has really irritated my arthritis laden knee so I had to ask for help...hard for me but did.

One thing I have to say for all the no credit card lovin people we saved money for the carpet with no debt to come out of this.

This fall my husband and I decided to put some hay that is stocked in our shed for our great dane Shane and we put it in the utility wagon. We either use the riding tractor the ATV and slow like a turtle pull the children around the mountain. They love it! And it's great seeing all the changing leaves and also the wildlife around here.

Menu plans for the week include: homemade pizza with salad, crockpot beef roast with corn and mashed potatoes, roasted chicken with scalloped potaoes and green beans, mini meatloves with buttered rice and glazed baby carrots, stuffed peppers with garlic noodles, homemade chicken pot pie since we will have leftover chicken this week.


What else are you cooks coming up with for the week?