Monday, September 15, 2008

~ Saving and Tips ~

Piggy Bank with Money, House, and Car on Top by Eric Kamp

Saving money has been on mind a lot lately. With prices going up on everything no wonder why I have taken saving money to the extreme. Some ways we personally save money as a family are:

- Get a local library card. We can rent 3 movies at a time for a week. There are many DVD's and VHS movie titles to choose from. Also there are many educational shows, exercise, and language titles as well.

- We shop at the local grocery stores that have gas savings attached. Buy items that we need, or can use for cheap since we use coupons then reap benefits of having money taken off at the gas pump on each gallon.

- Take inventory of your families household needs and wants. Keeping track of everything on paper/notebook really helps only to spend what is needed. Clothing inventory each season is a top lister on our agendas. Also just the everyday items like toilet paper, shampoo, and laundry items.

- Shop at thrift stores. My favorite is the Salvation Army. I outfitted our family of six very well with a lot of name brands for cheap. I strive for $1.00 or under for each item. And we go on Wednesdays since every tag but one is 50% off. Savings is great in the fact that even on new- clearance store clothing never reaches the savings on things we NEED at that time.

- Put all electrical items on a power strip. Not only are you saving your expensive electronic items from going caput during a storm, but you save money if you turn the power strip off while not in use. A lot of people do not know that even though they turn off an item that it still draws power. Using the power strip button makes a halt to the electricity.

- Pre-treating laundry stains before laundering your clothing. For us we get so many stains but with being frugal means using all kinds of inexpensive laundry detergent. So I don't take a chance that the detergent will get the stains out and I pre-treat and let sit awhile. Also use less laundry detergent and do not go by the back of the bottle. Fabric softener sheets cut in half, or use less of the liquid softener. Vinegar plus adding a few drops of EO (essential oils) is a great alternative to commercial softeners.

- Re-use your plastic bags from shopping for your little trashcans in the bathroom, or other areas in your home.