Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday at Home

This week I am going through every one's clothing on each laundry day and assessing what are our needs for clothing now and for Summer. My 2 yr. old daughter went through a recent growth spurt and is 3T dresses, 3T shirts. She will also need shoes too. The other kids I have an idea of what needs to go in their closet and drawers but some things I know off the top of my head what they need.

Sometimes I wonder with only buying from thrift stores which is usually the Salvation Army, whether or not at times I am really saving money when the children need certain items. I hold out to purchase at a regular store because I am thrift and I am so use to buying used at used prices.

Today's agenda:

- Master bedroom including bedding (ideas on making my bedroom a haven)
- Master bath
- Our laundry
- Our walk in closet (which I have already 2 garbage bags of clothing and nonsense going that is clutter)
- Rachel's laundry

Breakfast: Egg salad sandwitches on toasted bread (made this for dh for his lunch today for work)
Lunch: Leftover Hamburgers, Hotdogs and Salad
Dinner: Tacos, Rice, and steamed veggies- mini cheescakes for dessert (all four children will be helping make these) Mint ice tea to drink


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chanel_girl said...

Hi! I read your post on about needing a bed for your foam mattress. Have you considered a platform bed? Most are lower than standard bed frames and since you don't need a box spring, it keeps the overall height lower too. Some even have storage options. There are also quite a few sites that outline how to build one, which would probably be a more cost efficient alternative for a king-size bed. My favorite sites for inspiration are: & Hope this helps. Good luck!