Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CVS Trip: 11-16-09: $1.27 OOP

I did great this trip here is what I got:

- 4 jars of Rag spaghetti sauce
- 3 jars Skippy peanut butter
- 2 cans of black olives
- 1 bottle of Dry Idea powder fresh deodorant
- 3 toys (Christmas gifts)

I paid OOP (OOP means out of my pocket) $1.27 that was with tax included and then got back $8.00 ECB back(ECB means Extra Care Bucks) Looking forward to hopefully good deals this upcoming weekend!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

CVS- 11-12-09- $1.79 OOP (out of pocket)

I bought:
- 2 bottle of John Freida Root Awakening shampoo and conditioner for dry hair.
-3 boxes of Halloween temporary tattoes for next Halloween to give instead of candy.
- 4 packs of Razzles gum (stockings)
- 4 packs of Wonka Kazzoozles (stocking -1 I had to try in "Yota")
- 1 pack of chewy sweetarts (John's stocking)

Paid: $1.79 with tax included and got back $5.00 from the John Freida ECB's (Extra Care Bucks) to use on next weeks deals. All candy was 90% off!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Giant PA Trip : 10-17-09

This was last weeks Giant trip that took until Saturday evening to do. I was pretty pleased for what I got especially the Hatfield hot and sweet sausage. The store brands I have tried have they all had those chewy yucky pieces in them. So I'll make some sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions and also use for cajun red beans and rice which was a recipe I tried a few months ago that we really liked a lot!

Oh and I love Ronozi smart taste pasta it's my favorite. It has a nice texture when cooked.

Total before store deal and coupons: $58.46
Saved with store deals and coupons: $32.69

Total spent: $26.11


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Underneath it all

Underneath everything that has come our way we are so grateful to just be here together as a family. No obstacle can break our spirit down. Setbacks, economy, very slow business, long term illness all can bring my spirits down. But in order to survive the bare basic necessities are all we need.


A newer car, nicer clothes, and better things are just a drop in the bucket right now and are the least of my worries. I hold my husband tight, my children close and be thankful everyday like it is the last.

With Spring air in the midst of my day new cells of thinking are on their way. What can I do is the most of my thoughts....

What can I do to make my home nicer without spending?

What can I do to make my husband feel how grateful we all are for his efforts in providing for our family?

What can I do to make my children feel special, what is on their minds right now?

What can I do to better myself and think of ideas of how to bring extra money at home yet still be at home with my children?

There are so many more things that have recently come up in this mom brain of mine. Curious what some of you have been thinking recently about your lives, or what is in store for you in the next few months?

Blessings:: Nay