Friday, February 29, 2008


Do we need words?

Chicken Noodle Soup:)

My dear husband has been working so hard with our tree service business these past few weeks. He is run down, tired, and bone chilled. What to do? Take it easy, somehow get more sleep, and take in some homemade chicken soup. Warming, and nourishing especially during these very cold days of winter.

The start of the soup is simmering on the stove right as I am typing. Homemade stock first off with:

- chicken
- carrots,celery,onion
- water
- bay leafs
- fresh garlic
- coarse salt
- pepper
- parsley
- poultry seasong
- seasoned salt without msg

After straining veggies put stock in fridge and fat will rise and you can skim that off for better health. I also put a dash of vinegar into my stock whent he chicken carcass is simmering it. A good book to read Nourishing Traditions. Some things I very well agree with others I am so so on.

Cheers to warming health!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bristle Block Creation

My 13 year old son made this carrige with bristle blocks. It reminds me of a pioneer carriage back in the old days.He is quite creative with any type of building material he can get his hands on.

He made a homemade bow with string and a large stick the other day when he was outside playing. Little did he know that it was poison sumac. So we will look for the fuzz before using any type of wood material from our outdoor playland.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Following In Mother's Footsteps?

I found this picture from a few months ago. My daughter found the tub of Vaseline. That was fun! Dawn did say on the bottle gets the grease out. It worked beautifully four washings later. Now I see why they wash wildlife caught in oil slicks in Dawn detergent.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our wedding in 2001

My husband and I in Spring of 2001. I was 21 years old, and my husband was 29 years old. There's Austin he was 6 years old then. Awwww... memories!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Just thought I would list some clothing brands that I really like, and what works for us.

Hanna Andersson

I saw on a blog just a little while ago that she likes Hanna Andersson clothing. The clothing from this company is in no way thrift store pricing.I have bought a few pieces from ebay well below what I would have paid new, and also I have had my luck at our local Salvation Army finding their playdresses,baby zippers, long johns (husband can voucher for these)cotton zip up jackets, and shirts.

Hanna Andersson: What works for us~
- cotton playdresses
- adult and kid/baby long johns
- baby zippers
- cotton sweatshirt jackets
- cotton shirts

Old Navy-

Old Navy is great for their soft cotton pieces,and their socks. But you really have to either go to their store, or be lucky and get them used which I always seem to do for the feel test. Their socks are very soft,and wash so well that they have went from one child down to the next. Their cotton shirts I like because they do not cling. They have scoop neck, and v-necks. I also like their long layering camis for under shirts.These are such a great investment in black and white for basics.

The best hat I have come across by far especially for toddlers/babies who don't care for hats is from Old Navy. They sell fleece hats that have a under chin strap. The hat keeps head warm, ears warm and under the chin. A+!

I have found a few pj sets with the top and matching bottom at thrift stores and I snatch them up when I know I can use them. If it's not at a great price I head to Walmart....

Old Navy: What works for us~
- kids/baby cotton socks (fold-over)
- basic long and short sleeve shirt
- children/baby hats (love these!)


Walmart is a great place if you want cheap, new, and snuggly soft cotton wear for your little ones. I love their brand Child Of Mine. It is just like Carter's but cheaper. Their company is another division of Carter's by the way. I buy a few footed cotton sleepers for newborns. Do newborns need to be in elaborate dress? And my favorite blanket by far is the Child Of Mine cotton baby receiving blanket. Talk about washable. So soft! With any baby or child I think the softer the better. But with some cottons they tend to get scratchy after a few washings not these.

My daughters wear alot of dresses so tights are a basic for us. I go for the George brand tights. I am pretty basic though cream, black, and white. Ok! so I don't get crazy over the colors but I do switch patterns smooth, ribbed, cableknit, lol! I like them all.

Walmart: What works for us~
- Child of Mine brand clothing
- Child of Mine cotton blankets
- George tights for babies/children

Lands End-

Oh! Lands's End your little girl cotton dresses are cute, comfy, wash well, and are modest. Everything all wrapped up. My 2 yr. old daughter above has a Lands End dress on in this picture. I am luck again to find these from time to time but not often in thrift stores. I also like their one piece's that button down for easy diaper changes.

Lands End: What works for us~

- Cotton short/long sleeve dresses
- One piece little girl outfits
- Women Tankinis (no belly showing)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Drastic Toy De-Clutter Day

This morning we awoke to sleet and another day off of school. What to do other then our daily schedule? Drastic Toy De-Clutter Day! I had all four children empty all toys from their playroom, plus their room which my 5 yr. old daughter shares with my 4 yr. old son.

I was just in complete shock when I looked at that pile let me tell you. The children had to learn a hard lesson: Too much toys cause a lot of bad things. So off they layed on the floor organizing and helping each other choose what to keep, and what to get rid of.

I currently have a few piles: Salvation Army (donation), dumpster (toys broken, or major pieces missing) and the keep piles. As far as needing organizing containers I will be on the lookout for things at the thrift store.

I will post more pictures of the progress :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekly Routine

Today I posted our updated weekly list. It really hasn't changed other then adding a room that was built around Thanksgiving.

By keeping to this list I am able to accomplish all the laundry in a week's time without getting backed up. When I do not keep to this list...Look out! Laundry overload for our family of 6... Yikes!


- Husband and I (laundry)
- Our bedroom
- Our walk in closet
- 2 yr. daughters laundry


- DD&DS room
- Their laundry
- Linen closet in our hallway
- Laundry Area
- Family bathroom


- DS Room
- His laundry
- Living Room
- Computer/Playroom


- Office
- Lounge Area
- Office bathroom
- New Addition
- Towels (all towels in house)


- Kitchen/Dining Area
- Pantry
- Powder Room
- Bedding
- Leftover Laundry
- House Blessing


- Outside of home cleanup
- Clean mini-van
- Garage
- Odd Jobs


- Food Inventory
- Meal Planning
- To Do List for week
- Coupons

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Morning Pictures

These photos I took this morning. I thought even though it is a bit gloomy today with the rain, the landscape on this mountain is still beautiful.