Sunday, August 31, 2008

UPDATE: Husband in Houston Texas

UPDATE #2 (9/15/08): John and our employees made it safe to Houston, Texas. They are working morning, day and night in the rain and taking trees off of houses. They are swamped with work. It has been raining non-stop so I am hoping they are able to at least eat a good meal. There is not really good cell phone communication at this time. So I talk to dh when I can. I am guessing he will not be home in three weeks like the original plan.
Our tree service is almost ready to leave to go down south for hurricane relief work down south to hurricane Gustav. I imagine their will be tons of trees on house, debris to remove, and stump work. That's why we are heading down there. I will tell you how saddened I felt when looking on past articles, and videos on Katrina. My heart breaks every time seeing all of that. The panic, and uncertainty these people faced could now be very real with this upcoming hurricane in the next few days.

We have been preparing very hard to get ready for our guys to leave. Trucks are packed to the hilt, motor home, and another camper packed. Extra gas, water, and all our equipment. It has been very stressful but I do stick by my husband who I will dearly miss for at least his month or more stay. The children are sad, and don't want daddy to go but I think they understand why daddy does what he does.

We have to tell our local customers that tree work is halted until they get back. Some understand others are too much in a rush.

I do however feel so much better that we purchased a USED motor home for the guys to stay in and call home away from home in times like this. There will be 6 guys + my husband. So if you see us wave and send good thoughts and perseverance their way as they will need it.

I am scared....... as tree work is very dangerous especially in wet conditions but fear will not get me down this trip. I can still remember him going down for Katrina. There were some rough moments but then there were some bittersweet moments as well to follow. I will be posting pictures of our trucks and equipment.

They will have to fend for themselves with the cooking and hoping that they eat enough fresh veggies and fruits with their meat. The charcoal grill will be used a lot. I even put the right measuring cup for the coffee grounds where he won't forget. He is a just pour some grounds add water type of guy. But they deserve a cup of eye wakening coffee to start their hectic non-stop work through the day and evenings.

We are not sure exactly where they will end up but probably Louisiana near New Orleans maybe. It depends on the weather updates and where it is expected to hit.

Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Camping Summer

We have had such a blast this summer camping with our family of six! We purchased a motorhome that has dual purpose for us. The first was for our tree service for when the hurricane relief work comes and the boys need to go south and work. It is hard on the boys to leave their home, and loved ones behind. And after strictly looking over the expenses from when they went to Katrina, New York, and Oklahoma I was floored. The expense to house many men for weeks costs lots of moola. Food whoa nelly that costs lots too! Along with the indigestion, and other bodily problems from not eating well really can take a toll on budgets, and bodies.

So we are ready now. A home away from home. Everything at home and they don't have to sleep in a tent at Walmart! So what to do with a home that is not in use as of yet? Take the family camping. It really does tests limits, and that's a lesson to learn. Learning to bunk with 6 people in a small home and move on with your life.

Making Banana Bread: Getting the children involved

I have yet to find a child that does not like the idea of helping cook. I also have found evidence that sometimes, just sometimes if a child is real picky and will not try something they might like or at least try a new foreign food. I might just make good cooks out of these children (my two cute nephews, and my two sons)

They made wonderful yummy banana bread that lasted a mear hour before the whole loaf was eaten.