Thursday, November 12, 2009

CVS- 11-12-09- $1.79 OOP (out of pocket)

I bought:
- 2 bottle of John Freida Root Awakening shampoo and conditioner for dry hair.
-3 boxes of Halloween temporary tattoes for next Halloween to give instead of candy.
- 4 packs of Razzles gum (stockings)
- 4 packs of Wonka Kazzoozles (stocking -1 I had to try in "Yota")
- 1 pack of chewy sweetarts (John's stocking)

Paid: $1.79 with tax included and got back $5.00 from the John Freida ECB's (Extra Care Bucks) to use on next weeks deals. All candy was 90% off!


lea + vera ! said...

hey , the razzles look very yummy (:
what's that ?

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