Sunday, March 15, 2009

Underneath it all

Underneath everything that has come our way we are so grateful to just be here together as a family. No obstacle can break our spirit down. Setbacks, economy, very slow business, long term illness all can bring my spirits down. But in order to survive the bare basic necessities are all we need.


A newer car, nicer clothes, and better things are just a drop in the bucket right now and are the least of my worries. I hold my husband tight, my children close and be thankful everyday like it is the last.

With Spring air in the midst of my day new cells of thinking are on their way. What can I do is the most of my thoughts....

What can I do to make my home nicer without spending?

What can I do to make my husband feel how grateful we all are for his efforts in providing for our family?

What can I do to make my children feel special, what is on their minds right now?

What can I do to better myself and think of ideas of how to bring extra money at home yet still be at home with my children?

There are so many more things that have recently come up in this mom brain of mine. Curious what some of you have been thinking recently about your lives, or what is in store for you in the next few months?

Blessings:: Nay


One Woman's Journey said...

Your necessities are all any of us need. They are all I need and want. I am in the processing of downscaling in every area. Have a city home for sale and will relocate to the country. Will enjoy my gardening and a larger garden. Take care you are on the right road. You will be fine.

Anonymous said...

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