Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Camping Summer

We have had such a blast this summer camping with our family of six! We purchased a motorhome that has dual purpose for us. The first was for our tree service for when the hurricane relief work comes and the boys need to go south and work. It is hard on the boys to leave their home, and loved ones behind. And after strictly looking over the expenses from when they went to Katrina, New York, and Oklahoma I was floored. The expense to house many men for weeks costs lots of moola. Food whoa nelly that costs lots too! Along with the indigestion, and other bodily problems from not eating well really can take a toll on budgets, and bodies.

So we are ready now. A home away from home. Everything at home and they don't have to sleep in a tent at Walmart! So what to do with a home that is not in use as of yet? Take the family camping. It really does tests limits, and that's a lesson to learn. Learning to bunk with 6 people in a small home and move on with your life.


Kim ~ "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Renee, Just wanted to stop by and say hello! Glad you and your family enjoyed camping.

If you get a chance, stop over and see me some time!
Love, Kim

Girl Stuff said...

We also just bought a camper...too fun! And isn't it so easy to clean compared to the house! I let the kids have at it all weekend and then it take 30 minutes to clean it up! But then 2 days to wash all the linens!

Renee said...

Funny you said about the linens. I could never go without washing the laundry. There is always some to clean no matter how much downsizing of clothing we do.

Glad you like your camper. It's an experience. I feel I have a constant test of wills while camping. You do see how much you can downsize in your life and yet be ok with just what's in the camper. i think everyone should try camping in their lifetime especially when they have children.


Ernestine said...

Renee thank you for the comment on my blog.
If you will keep in touch and if I have extra seeds I can send you some. My email posted on my blog.
On the way to run errands.