Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekly Routine

Today I posted our updated weekly list. It really hasn't changed other then adding a room that was built around Thanksgiving.

By keeping to this list I am able to accomplish all the laundry in a week's time without getting backed up. When I do not keep to this list...Look out! Laundry overload for our family of 6... Yikes!


- Husband and I (laundry)
- Our bedroom
- Our walk in closet
- 2 yr. daughters laundry


- DD&DS room
- Their laundry
- Linen closet in our hallway
- Laundry Area
- Family bathroom


- DS Room
- His laundry
- Living Room
- Computer/Playroom


- Office
- Lounge Area
- Office bathroom
- New Addition
- Towels (all towels in house)


- Kitchen/Dining Area
- Pantry
- Powder Room
- Bedding
- Leftover Laundry
- House Blessing


- Outside of home cleanup
- Clean mini-van
- Garage
- Odd Jobs


- Food Inventory
- Meal Planning
- To Do List for week
- Coupons

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