Friday, February 29, 2008

Chicken Noodle Soup:)

My dear husband has been working so hard with our tree service business these past few weeks. He is run down, tired, and bone chilled. What to do? Take it easy, somehow get more sleep, and take in some homemade chicken soup. Warming, and nourishing especially during these very cold days of winter.

The start of the soup is simmering on the stove right as I am typing. Homemade stock first off with:

- chicken
- carrots,celery,onion
- water
- bay leafs
- fresh garlic
- coarse salt
- pepper
- parsley
- poultry seasong
- seasoned salt without msg

After straining veggies put stock in fridge and fat will rise and you can skim that off for better health. I also put a dash of vinegar into my stock whent he chicken carcass is simmering it. A good book to read Nourishing Traditions. Some things I very well agree with others I am so so on.

Cheers to warming health!

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