Saturday, July 26, 2008

Front Door How Neglected You Are...

Oh how embaressed , yet so relieved that I am planning to paint this neglected front door. This is the door that is suppose to welcome people?

I think not in this condition! It says many words and it will say welcome very soon! No great dane teeth marks, chewed door handle, or missing paint really sounds beautiful to me. After reading a post over at the Nester I am for sure selling or not selling a house my front entry needs a lot of lovin.

What color should I choose to welcome someone to stay and chat and have a cup of tea?

Post your front welcoming, or not so welcoming entry and put the plans of what you want to do if there needs to be a change in the very near future.



Anonymous said...

I am out of town but I will post this on Monday! I am excited.

I think a nice burgandy would look good with the green! Then again a really nice cream or taupe color. Wait I forgot the other color. But I think cream would do nicely! I just always buy a half of gallon extra for touch ups throughout the year when I had the same door! I know have a wooden door.

Also, you got blogger of the week at my blog last week.

Traci said...

After seeing pictures of your house I would definately go for red. You should look around town at houses and see what they have done but red is a very friendly, inviting color. We just painted our front door red and it literally makes me smile EVERY time I pull up. I have had many positive comments and even a couple other neighbors painted theirs red.
Be brave and GO RED. :)

The Nester said...

Those steps up to your house are lovely! So wide and beautiful!!

Have you considered doing an off white on your doors and maybe on your window trim and maybe even one day changing your shutter colors? Just to freshen it up and make the focal point the door. Your porch area is nice and big and with a big huge wreath on your door, I think that would be so eyecatching. Now, I cannot see the photo of your house to tell you what shutter color I might do. hate me.

oh and love your apron mistreatment too!

Girl Stuff said...

If you were to paint the trim around the windows and the shutters black, you could really play with the color of the door better. Then you could do green or a version of red/burgundy, or even a blue. I would paint the porch railings the same color as the trim/shutters. I heard once it is very cool to choose a color inside your house already to paint the front door so when it is opened it all pops together. I love the idea of a big wreath. I painted the shutters and front door on our last house and it was so easy to do I wished I'd done it first thing. Isn't that how it always goes! And mine had started out forest green as well.