Thursday, January 31, 2008

Birthday Party


(Picture is everyone in our family except me)

Notice: My 5 yr. old daughter wearing pj's as she was not feeling well last night complaining of an ear ache, and also notice Rachel with the traditional spagetti face :)

Ryan's 4th birthday party went very well. Here is the run down. I made homemade meatballs and spagetti, and garlic bread. The bread is what we were waiting on once our family arrived (I almost burned it to a crisp). Ryan opened up his cards, and gifts. We had our Walmart cake which was pretty bad but I kept a smile on my face with every bite. Maybe those homemade peanut butter pies would have been a better idea then this cake. My sister in law asked Ryan to sleepover this Saturday which Ryan keeps reminding me about this morning. When people asked what Ryan wanted or needed I said, "Special time" with him would be great and she fit the bill.

People we are overloaded here with toys. Save the money! Looks like it is time for clean sweep at our home again. This time around I will be a lot more strict what to keep and what to toss depending on the amount of use they use with each toy.

The people at the party were:
- 2 aunts
- 1 uncle
- 1 grammy
- 1 grandpa
- 4 cousins
- 1 mommy
- 1 daddy
- 3 siblings besides Ryan
= 15 total people in this house last night
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